Abulm: Metronome


This work is currently unfinished. I began with the idea of using audio generated from conventional record players to develop new music. The sounds could be acoustic noise taken from the mechanical movements together with clicks, pops and scratches played through the amplified output of the unit. All sounds would be considered as long as they didn’t exist as part of the recorded music.

In developing sonic machines I have discovered quite a strong community of sound artists. I wanted to invite others to contribute sounds, therefore making it a collaborative work. I intended to build a virtual ‘turntable’ instrument, use it to write a new track, press it to vinyl and then play the record as a finished piece.

As well as this being an uncomplicated piece to exhibit, I liked the notion that the vinyl would develop further characteristics which would affect the result, making it difficult to tell what was originally on the record and what had developed though numerous plays.

After some initial tests I decided that the sound quality was insufficient to continue developing the original concept and I slowly became disengaged with the project. However it’s not been completely scrapped and though discussions with others, some ideas evolved and strongly influenced the live performance for ‘metronome’.

vinyl image

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